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We unite IT, people, processes and projects to make you thrive on today's trends.

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Today's trends in society & economy

One of the main challenges today is to take advantage of new opportunities for collaboration, working methods, disruptions, digital technology and agility. It has enormous potential to integrate the right trends into your business (strategy) and to transform them into a new way of doing business. In addition, ignoring trends carries the risk of losing competitive advantages.

To quote Barack Obama: For the world has changed, we must change with it.

The way to promote these trends is the important point. Even if you have a clear picture of goals and visions in which all trends are integrated, you face the greatest challenge: implementation. A classic approach to these challenges by trying to enable your existing business to deliver only to new standards is not a promising way, as change is doomed to failure. There is a reason why your organization works. Replacing just one IT system does not make you digital, and a kanban board does not make you agile neither.

Larger and more complex organizations are at a natural disadvantage in adapting to today's challenges, but there are smart ways in which they thrive and facilitate these.

New ways

of working







Increasing customer

demands for speed

& flexibility


Facilitating new ways

Our mission is to make our customers thrive on complex projects in digital and transformational manners. Due to the complexity of these projects in particular, we use our own I3P project standard, which is built on all findings from global best practice standards.

We integrate IT, processes, people and projects - which means that we always work within these dimensions. Each project has a different focus, but projects that have a truly positive impact on your business take care of all dimensions. This is makes projects more successful because e.g. no IT system has positive effects if people don't use it, and no process will change if you do not change the systems virtualizing it.

We bring new ways of working, agility, LEAN or complete process redesigns with the latest digital technology into your company. This approach truly solves complex business challenges sustainably and can be used in any industry or sector to solve a wide variety of business challenges.


Digital technology

Our approach to digital technology is focused on solving today's business challenges and catalyze your company's potential.

Depending on your situation, strategic goals and plans we set up highly achieving digitalization projects to realize your vision under inclusion of social and organizational parameters.

We are native in digital solutions of several kinds - especially in technological changes that require more than just an understanding of a particular software solution. Fundamental technologies such as the cloud open up a multitude of possibilities. We will show you how you can implement current trends and, above all, technologies and solutions to suit your organization and culture.

Technological and especially digital changes tempt to be seen as a threat to today's ways of working. The challenge is to create a positive culture supported by an understanding of digital technology and business processes to enable successful digitization. That's our specialty.



Digital project







Organization and 


In general, we deal with both organizational improvements and complex transformations. These include in particular projects in the area of working methods such as agility, LEAN, flexible workplaces and new ways of working. Therefore, we usually face the current business challenges and develop solutions with current methods and technologies.

In our view, it is important to transform the analyzed business unit(s) operationally and at the same time to assess the complexity of such projects appropriately. With our transformation system we can break down transformation complexity into individual implementable modules and use them correctly. The focus is always on achieving or exceeding the desired value - through cooperation and empowerment of people. If people do not work with or through what has been developed, the business case of the project is at risk. 

The combination of the different blocks within our transformation system takes into account e.g. confidence building, process complexity and technological requirements/limitations. It is a holistic approach to successfully drive complex and profound change on a large scale for established organizations.

Business process

New ways
of working

Agile and LEAN


Change management for digitalization



  • #Change #Implementation #IT #Agile

    Global Change Management

    Change Management for digitalization

    A company wide implementation of a standard HR software in over 400 legal entities was to be done. As partner we joined the team to pursue the change management required for this projects. We managed it to secure the necessary support in all entities and from all key stakeholders.

  • #Agile #GlobalPMO #ITSM

    Agile, global PMO

    PMO for global IT projects

    A global IT solution running on more than 20.000 customer facing endpoints was challenged by an increased amount of projects and initiatives. As traditional methods especially for complex solutions consisting of software, hardware and service are not a satisfying solution, we developed and implemented a global operating agile Project Management Office governing and coordinating all projects.

  • #SmartCollab #GlobalPMO #Deployment #IT

    Global Deployment Management

    Deployment for complex hardware and software solutions

    Automization of processes, integration of a central collaboration platform with support for any user device (BYOD) was integrated. The result is a deployment center deploying solutions worth 12 mio. € per year per FTE with high transparency thanks to integrated Business Intelligence solutions.

  • #SmartCollab #GlobalPMO #IT #Retail

    International Project Management

    Global solution implementation for new stores

    The opening of new stores within a globally governed IT environment diversified and demanded more flexibility than in a simple process approach.

    We integrated new workflow management tools to relief coworkers and enable digital collaboration. Additionally we implemented an agile project management framework to be able to faster implement more complex solutions.


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